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I have prepared some notes based upon ‘Introductory Biology’. A free set of audio lectures given by professors at MIT University. This set was based of ‘lecture 3: Foundations, Biochemistry 1’ and also using Biology textbooks. The whole set can be found on iTunes and download and used on a ipod or computer under the iTunes U menu. Here are my notes:

lecture 3 notes 1-page-001

lecture 3 notes 2-page-001

lecture 3 notes 3-page-001

lecture 3 notes 4-page-001

lecture 3 notes 5-page-001

lecture 3 notes 6-page-001

lecture 3 notes 7-page-001

lecture 3 notes 8-page-001

lecture 3 notes 9-page-001

lecture 3 notes 10-page-001

lecture 3 notes 11-page-001

lecture 3 notes 12-page-001

If you find anything wrong in the notes, feel free to comment and sorry about the handwriting and spelling. I didn’t add a second Concept Check, because I think it would be better if you made your own concept checking questions. Think of it as if you teaching someone else, how would you phrase and answer them. If you have good questions it will reflect on your knowledge of the content and hopefully enable you to store it for longer.

“The true art of memory is the art of attention.”
— Samuel Johnson