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Happy new year and lets hope a little self-learning has occurred about hangovers. It is the new year and I think its about time I get onto learning about Biology.

So far I have zeroed in on the book I will use, its called ‘An introduction to biology skills for undergraduates’ by Mary Peat, Sue Franklin, and Charlotte Taylor.

One of the problems that has just dawned upon me is that I don’t actually know how to learn biology. This can be a major flaw to anyone trying to learn anything. Knowing how to know something is something you need to know. Luckily the internet is a perfect tool to find out how to learn biology. A simple Google search ‘how to learn biology’ was all it took and gave me more than enough websites to learn how to learn biology.

Here are some articles I found:

1.How to study for biology. A good wikiHow article covering important learning aspects for biology and also has a video of a student describing how he learnt biology.

2.biology.about.com. All the info you need to study bio.

So far I have only discussed how to learn biology, but knowing how to know is important for any practice you wish to learn. I found this good article on ‘how to learn almost anything’ on litemind. It talks about ‘the cone of learning’ and discusses its flaws and how to use it. The article also describes different ways in which to memorize information, with unsurprisingly one of the worst as receiving a lecture and interestingly the best as giving a lecture.

In my own opinion, I find that reading the content and then giving a lecture to myself is an  effective way of memorizing info. If this doesn’t work, actually doing what you are trying to learn is always good.

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.”
― Richard P. Feynman