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I can think of no other place more comfortable and easier to study in than my own home. Everything I need is there, access to the internet, paper, pens, a desk, and quiet. Not to mention coffee, lots and lots of coffee. It gives me the opportunity to play music, wear what I like, and eat what I want. Home offers you the freedom to make your study as easy as possible.

Home also offers you a range of ‘seating’ options including all types of furniture. Here are a few options:

1. Bed. I do most of my study in bed. It’s like sitting on a big table. Some find it hard for it’s easy to lose pens and various other things in between the sheets, not to mention frustrating when this happens when trying to juggle new ideas around in your head. I solve this problem by simply making the bed and sitting on top, also a side table is good to just put everything on.

2. Desk: A desk is the first choice for most. It offers a large, hard writing surface and can be left just the same until next time. Although. I would invest in a good chair

3. Chair. Just a plain chair, a book, and a pen. Read a book. Depending on what you’re trying to learn, take both. With this you can create, destroy, and most importantly of all, learn.

“Study the past, if you would divine the future.”
— Confucius