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What other place can be better to study in than a cafe, coffee close by, snacks to help fuel your brain, and your own table to spread all your notes everywhere. It’s a nice place to self-learn if you can ignore the sound of people talking and ‘cafe style’ music in the background.

As for me, I can’t stand studying in a cafe, and yet, I always see people studying away within these coffee domiciles. Maybe a good pair of noise canceling headphones might be a good piece of gear to get if you want to study there.

Here’s a list of popular cafes and how I found studying in them:

Starbucks: They are everywhere, sometimes across the road from each other. But in all honesty I find Starbucks a terrible place to study, not only does their coffee have one of the lowest percentages of caffeine and prices that are through the roof, they are usually to crowded to get a decent table. If you want to read more about the caffeine levels of Starbucks, a link can be found here

Esquires: Usually not too crowded and the coffee isn’t too bad either. Prices are OK and they do a coffee and slice of cake for $6.50. Definitely a good place to go self-learn.

McCafe (McDonalds Cafe): Not bad if you go there when the restaurant itself is not busy. The coffee isn’t really that good but it’s much cheaper than a dedicated cafe. All in all, it wouldn’t be my first choice of places to self-learn.

Mom and Pop Cafes: Vary in everything from quality of coffee to table size. If you find a good one you like, stick with it. Usually much less crowded and sometimes cheaper. Hunt around, you never know what you may find.

“I’d much rather hangout in a cafe. That’s where things are really happening.”

— Joe Sacco