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The Library. A great place to have a coffee, meet friends, or stare at facebook for free. But what most people at my local library seem to forget is that the library is home to about 3.5 million books. They are there to entertain, inspire, open the mind, and teach.

Now, I am interested in the latter. There are books at the library that teach language, reading, dancing, and most things in between. But, it is a bit slim on more specialized topics (I found this when trying to study for my statistical modelling for analytics paper), generally topics that can be explained without much in depth detail. It would be like getting a discovery channel education, good for talking to friends at parties, not good in a real situation which needs an understanding of the subject.

That is why a University library is a far better place to use books. I say use, because if you aren’t a student, part of the faculty, or an associate member with borrowing privileges, you cannot get books out to take home. University libraries are different because they have textbooks, books written by people who have dedicated their lives to a subject. Textbooks are far better than dummies guide to something or teach yourself confusion. A textbook gives you the straight information, so if you use a textbook, brace yourself for actual learning and remember, it’s not a novel.

I said in my introduction that I would not use my University or any assistance given by AUT and I stand by that. Luckily for me, Auckland University is right across the road and I shall use their university library for access to textbooks. I believe all information should be free, that is why I shall ignore their rules that I am not allowed to use their books, But, if you are not so inclined to disregard these rules, try asking a librarian at the university library if you are able to use the books, most will allow visitors, if not, a bit of charm goes a long way.

“The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of man”
― T.S. Eliot